15 Tips for a Wow Website

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This short course is aimed at those in the legal business, and compliments the Law Society training.

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Dorcas is a lecturer of ‘Digital Technology and Design’ and ‘Technology and Design for Digital Marketing’ and 'Digital Marketing' in The Smurfit School, University College Dublin. She is an author of ‘WordPress Masterbook 2019: Make a Website From Scratch - For Total Beginners’. She has been training, mentoring and consulting with Talentpool since 2011, and works with a lot of LEOs around the country. She founded Zonua in 2010. She mostly makes websites using code, but has also used template systems, like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal and OpenCart. She recently began to upload some simple videos for her past students on to YouTube – look for www.youtube.com/zonua. To connect with Dorcas quickly, tweet @zonua.

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